Type Download Link
Windows installer phaedra_1.0.2_setup.exe (sha256, md5)
Debian/Ubuntu package installer phaedra_1.0.2.deb (sha256, md5)
Mac OSX installer phaedra_1.0.2.dmg (sha256, md5)
Type Download Link
Windows portable installation

Note: portable installations can be unzipped directly to any location on your computer. No installation procedure is involved.

Type Download Link
Windows DataCapture server
Linux DataCapture server dcserver_1.0.2_linux.tar.gz

Note: for more information about the Data Capture server, see Addon: Data Capture Server.


  • Added support for non-HDF5 subwelldata backends
  • Added support for S3-compatible image stores
  • New R version: 3.4.3
  • The TCP ports for R nodes are now configurable
  • Improved scripting documentation and tutorials
  • Improved image rendering performance
  • Compound browser: added a column containing the image of the max effect well
  • Fixed: text overlap on the Linux splash screen
  • Fixed: subwell chart layers on plates were not responding
  • Fixed: invalid curve settings remain after changing curve settings to PLOT_ONLY



  • Support for Linux platforms
  • Support for MacOS platform
  • Initial release of Phaedra addons: Reporting, Workflows, Python, DCServer
  • New CellProfiler import wizard
  • Fix: issue with rendering of PDF reports



  • Initial open-source release