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Windows installer phaedra_1.0.6_setup.exe (sha256, md5)
Debian/Ubuntu package installer phaedra_1.0.6_amd64.deb (sha256, md5)
RPM Redhat/Centos7 package installer phaedra_1.0.6_x86_64.rpm (sha256, md5)
Mac OSX installer phaedra_1.0.6.dmg (sha256, md5)
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Windows portable installation

Note: portable installations can be unzipped directly to any location on your computer. No installation procedure is involved.

Type Download Link
Windows DataCapture server
Linux DataCapture server

Note: for more information about the Data Capture server, see Addon: Data Capture Server.


  • New backend for plate templates: db instead of fs
  • New: support R as a script engine
  • New: allow dcserver to authenticate using a pwd-id instead of password
  • Fixed: flickering in JP2K canvas renderer
  • Fixed: JP2K canvas renderer: inefficient grid calculation on big images
  • Fixed: subwell silo: error when adding feature column that has no data
  • Fixed: import fails on null arrays of subwell data
  • Fixed: incorrect column size in some tables
  • Fixed: ROI editor state is cleared when a save fails
  • Fixed: hca_subwelldata is very slow in postgres
  • Fixed: subwelldata montage can fail on a well if a field has no data
  • Fixed: subwelldata writer node query efficiency
  • Fixed: plate link dialog: settings for plates are overwritten
  • Fixed: welldata export: poor performance on postgres
  • Fixed: welldata export: REMARK column is empty



  • New: Saved Perspectives, allowing to save and load stateful views and perspectives
  • Added support for datacapture from SQLite files
  • Added support for numeric plate properties in datacapture
  • Added new authentication method: Windows logon
  • Improved startup performance by reducing nr of queries executed
  • Optimized loading times when opening silos
  • Improved the error message when opening a plate with no features
  • Fixed: shared silos are not shown
  • Fixed: uploads of >5GB fail in an S3-backend
  • Fixed: errors when importing incomplete/absent subwelldata in DB-backend
  • Fixed: S3-backend will now use SSE (encryption) when needed
  • Fixed: error in plate grids when tooltips are missing
  • Fixed: bypass cache when doing image renders with custom settings
  • Fixed: ScanJob configuration stored in DB with incorrect datatype
  • Fixed: headers in welldata exports are always uppercase, regardless of DB type



  • Added option for users to share saved views with each other
  • Added option to export all curve fit properties instead of just key properties
  • Added a toggle to enable smb2 support
  • Added option to enable SSE in S3 transfers
  • Implemented a new incremental-rendering method for the image canvas
  • Added a new database backend for storing subwelldata
  • Added support for multi-plate updates in the HDF5 subwelldata backend
  • Improved montage layout: allow 'holes' in layouts (e.g. in literal layouts)
  • Protocol class editor: made the 'default feature' list sorted and searchable
  • Silos are now stored in the database rather than a HDF5 file
  • Fixed image thumbnails having incorrect size in well table view
  • Fixed broken context help links
  • Fixed ImageRenderService#getWellImageSize returning incorrect size
  • Fixed issue with s3 dir() returning the directory name itself
  • Fixed silo dataset resizing issues
  • Fixed issues with saving new columns and removing columns in silos
  • Fixed issue with ROI editor generating an incorrect label image



  • New plate browser column: %CV
  • New option: auto-define new well types from plate layout templates
  • New plate grid layer: Scripted Chart
  • Improved protocol-class editor: curve fit models now have a description field explaining their use
  • Improved data-capture performance: you can now capture images of many formats without needing a conversion step
  • Improved image rendering performance, using multithreading and decoder pooling
  • Scripted Charts can now be added to PDF reports
  • Infrastructure: PWD store now supports HTTP paths as well as file paths
  • Infrastructure: support added for SMBv2 file shares
  • Fixed: missing labels on plate heatmaps in PDF reports
  • Fixed: plate layouts not getting captured properly during data-capture
  • Fixed: plate layout annotations saving their label instead of their value
  • Fixed: incorrect eMax sorting and exporting in the Compound Browser
  • Fixed: Zoom-To-Fit action not working correctly in the Well Image view
  • Fixed: vague exception when data-capture fails on a required folder that is missing
  • Fixed: exception when logging into an SMB session without a domain name
  • Fixed: typo in the data-capture common function 'readFile'
  • Fixed: dash character is not properly escaped in data-capture pattern variables
  • Fixed: issue with exporting feature values from a query table



  • Added support for non-HDF5 subwelldata backends
  • Added support for S3-compatible image stores
  • New R version: 3.4.3
  • The TCP ports for R nodes are now configurable
  • Improved scripting documentation and tutorials
  • Improved image rendering performance
  • Compound browser: added a column containing the image of the max effect well
  • Fixed: text overlap on the Linux splash screen
  • Fixed: subwell chart layers on plates were not responding
  • Fixed: invalid curve settings remain after changing curve settings to PLOT_ONLY



  • Support for Linux platforms
  • Support for MacOS platform
  • Initial release of Phaedra addons: Reporting, Workflows, Python, DCServer
  • New CellProfiler import wizard
  • Fix: issue with rendering of PDF reports



  • Initial open-source release